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Last update: January 17, 2012

"We have enjoyed the Venetian since it's amazing
remodel/reinvention. Love everything about it: service, food, atmosphere, location--all excellent! No need to travel all the way to Portland (or Eupope) for a wonderful evening out. Oh, and there is a beautiful new theater here as well." -Pete

"Hometown feel, uptown experience and ambiance."  -Charlotte

“You took our old theatre and made it a truly great gathering place.” -Larry J.

“It’s so nice to look outside while eating. This restaurant is a gem.” -Mr. and Mrs. C.

“Thank you for bringing good dining back to Hillsboro.” -Bob and Patty C.

“The atmosphere--lovely and very suave. Amazed it’s in Hillsboro!” -Kareena G.

“Great food, wonderful ambiance, good wine and close to home! Was perfect for a Wednesday night!” -Daniel and Cynthia K.

“Food, service, ambiance, and specials are always excellent.” -Andrea and Michael M.

“Just love atmosphere--feels like a vacation in Hillsboro! We’ll be back!” -Mike C.

“Loved lingering.” -Dale H.

“Great service, nice atmosphere, beautiful renovation.”- Kathleen D.

“Creative menu, good portions, great server.” -Missy

"Consistantly good service, ambiance, and food--very good. Keep up the good work! :)" -Cynthia V.

"The Venetian is the best thing to happen to Downtown Hillsboro in a long time. Great "vibe" and the restoration was done right. Oh yeah, the bar, food, and overall experience was enjoyable. We'll be back...Now, if we can get a couple more businesses to compliment the Venetian, Downtown Hillsboro can become the next great regenerated district on the greater Portland area." -Dan

“Had a nice atmosphere--welcoming. The food was the best we’ve had this year in all our travels.” -Chaz and Maria

“I’ve been to a lot of places worldwide and this makes the list of my favorite places.” -Irwin B.

“It was upscale yet casual. Interesting food--not your ‘run of the mill’ stuff.” -Kathy W.

“The food was wonderfully prepared and our waitress was excellent: efficient, friendly, professional, etc.” -D. and M. H.

“Ambiance, service, food--everything we love about fine dining--thank you!...(And we aren’t afraid to say if we don’t like something!)” -Kristin and Chuck M.

“You have great people and wonderful food!” -Marl G.

“Good food combined with good service plus great dessert equals great experience!” -Mary Beth K.

“Beautiful décor, feels like downtown Portland--without having to go downtown.” -Jenny P.

“Cozy, yet sophisticated.” -Tammy

“Prompt service; kid friendly.” -Jim M.

“[Our server] was very wonderful: Perfect combo of Hillsboro warmth and professionalism.” -Bill and Katie B.

"Food was excellent as was the service! Also--best latte I've ever had! Even compared to Starbucks!" -Rebecca B.

"The service is wonderful! So nice to have an attentive staff looking after us! Love the staff, love the food." -Steve and Sue S.


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